What is MA PR SALES:

Maprsales.com - is a site where you'll find cell phones, tablets, chargers, accessories, laptops, covers, Sims cards and equipment for your electronics, as our store offers the best brands and products that you 're always in the greatest technology advancement.

MA PR SALES Works with an innovative selection of products from different brands,Offering a variety of products to suit all tastes. If you're not Satisfied with the product and you want it back, you can do so by sending the product.

In maprsales hope you enjoy the online shopping experience and find Those products you are looking for. If You have any questions or comments, you can contact us through our Customer Care Center at or well, sending an email to support@maprsales.com. Tell us what brands and products you'd find in our store through any of the contact means.

All in one place:

Forget about going to different stores to buy what you need, our priority is to Provide an easy and friendly solution for all your needs. In maprsales put everything at your fingertips so you do not waste your time!

In MA PR SALES is accredited by the best security companies and purchase online, Offered to you the best Warranty.

1. Paypal Business Certified

2. Authorize.Net & Beanstream merchant Verified

3. McAfee Secure Site

4. Anti Fraud Guarantee By Signifyd

We take him to the door of your house:

Do not worry, we will drive to your house order. Just click and use the rest of your time on what you want to do more

you not wanted? return it:

If you did not like the product, no matter. In maprsales first you will only pay the return shipping and we'll do the rest

Community working with us:

With your comments and recommendations to the products, maprsales Becomes a safe community for moms like you can choose the product Most suited to the technological needs